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Until Utopia of the Seas

We are proud to introduce Utopia of the Seas, debuting in 2024.

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Royal Caribbean and World Wildlife

Royal Caribbean and World Wildlife Fund work to help the oceans and their wildlife.

A healthy ocean is key for both its inhabitants and humans alike.

The oceans, with their varied shades of blue, are mesmerizing. Add in a cast of fascinating creatures, and it’s easy to understand why we mark World Wildlife Day. The day, designated by the United Nations in 1973 to raise awareness of our planet’s wildlife, also encourages people to make a change in the way they think about and interact with the environment and the world around them.

Every day, we sail the seas that inspire and challenge us. In 2016, Royal Caribbean partnered with World Wildlife Fund (WWF) to see how we could do more. Since then, we’ve developed a series of programs and goals to help in the long-term health of our oceans and to protect some of its most iconic wildlife.

Royal Caribbean and Wildlife
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