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Until Utopia of the Seas

We are proud to introduce Utopia of the Seas, debuting in 2024.

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Non-Refundable Deposit

Non Refundable Deposit Hero

Key Points:

  • The Non-Refundable Deposit fare will default as the Best Rate whenever available since it will always be priced lower than the regular brand promotion.

  • The fare identifier “NRD” will be incorporated as part of the name to indicate that it is the Non-Refundable Deposit Program.

  • When creating a Non-Refundable Deposit reservation, you must inform your client that they are booked on a Non-Refundable Deposit fare. It is also important that you advise that, should a ship/sail date change occur, the reservation will incur a $100 per person change fee per adjustment.

  • When marketing Non-Refundable Deposit fares, it’s imperative that specific disclosures appear on the advertisement.  See program FAQs for details.

  • Upon cancellation of a Non-Refundable Deposit reservation, the deposit amount is not refundable at any point and will be withheld in-full.

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