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Italian Airport Transfers

While certain sailings onboard European itineraries will depart from Ravenna, Italy, most guests will find their flights will be routed through the airport in Venice. Due to the distance from Venice to Ravenna, guests will need to arrange transportation both to and from the ship on boarding and departure day either by purchasing a competitively priced transfer through Royal Caribbean International or by making their own private arrangements. 

Guests choosing to arrange transfers through Royal Caribbean International will need to book their shuttle before their sailing either by contacting their travel partner or by reaching out to Royal Caribbean using the contact information below. Additionally, guests may purchase transfers at Venice Marco Polo Airport on boarding day. However, please note that boarding day transfers will have limited availability and are available for purchase on a first come-first served basis. 

Pre-Cruise Shuttles:

  • Shuttle services will be available from locations in the area including Venice Marco Polo Airport and Venice City Centre (Tronchetto). Guests may select their preferred transfer based on their flights and selected check-in time for boarding the ship.

    • When booking a shuttle, your clients will also be advised of the latest possible flight arrival time to board their shuttle.

    • If your clients are arranging transfers on their own, flights should arrive into Venice no later than 11:35 AM to allow time to arrive to the ship.

  • Each shuttle will be boarded at 50% capacity to ensure physical distancing.

  • The journey to the ship from Venice, Italy can take up to 3 hours (depending on traffic conditions), so please be sure to remind your clients to dress comfortably and keep their travel documents, medications, or any other important items with them in carry-on luggage

  • Once onboard shuttles departing from Venice, guests will have access to phone charging stations and will be provided with bottled water. Then, about halfway through the journey,  a comfort stop will be made where guests will be able to stretch their legs, use the restroom, and purchase snacks for the remainder of the trip.

    • Please note:

      Depending on driving conditions, the comfort stop may be skipped depending to ensure all guests arrive to the ship on time.

  • Check-in for your clients’ sailing will take place at the cruise terminal in Ravenna, Italy. 

Post-Cruise Shuttles:

  • When booking a shuttle for your clients, you’ll be advised of the earliest possible flight departure time to board their shuttle.

  • Just like on boarding day, the journey back to Venice, Italy can take up to 3 hours, so don’t forget to remind your clients to dress comfortably!

    • All the same amenities available on the pre-cruise shuttle from Venice – bottled water and the ability to charge your phone – will also be available for guests traveling on the post-cruise shuttle to Venice.