Meet Vicki Freed, CTC

Senior Vice President
Sales & Trade Support and Service
Royal Caribbean International

Vicki Freed began her career in cruise sales in southern California. Now she oversees the largest sales team in the cruise industry and is known throughout the industry as a vocal supporter of Travel Agent Partners. Vicki’s way of business has always been a highly personalized one – focusing on building genuine relationships. What Vicki cherishes the most about what she does has been the same since day one. If you ask Vicki, she will tell you that Travel agents have been a big part of her career, and she still feels just as privileged to serve a group that is so passionate about what they do.


“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

– Maya Angelou

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Once a month, Vicki pens her Spotlight, featuring relevant topics on the latest news you need to know about Royal Caribbean, the travel industry and more, all with her personal touch. This forum enables Vicki to reach out to our valued Travel Partner community and make sure you, our valued travel partners, are in the know. She often uses this opportunity to provide key selling tips, alert you about important brand announcements or share an empowering and inspiring story.

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1 week ago

Vicki Freed

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It would be better if I was sailing on one of RCCL's ships.

The up coming new coco cay coming soon!

Overjoyed to share what Royal Caribbean just announced! Check out this sneak peek of your client’s perfect day! #PerfectDayCococay

Royal Caribbean International
Your way. All day. Check out the LIVE virtual tour of #PerfectDayCocoCay, with Royal Caribbean Adventurist Shay Mitchell & Trevor Martin.
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Royal Caribbean International


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Not thrilled about this. In my opinion, they ruined the island. It was a serene haven, not it's going to be loud and more like Disneyworld. I enjoyed the untouched natural landscape.

I love Cococay! Can’t wait to return!!!

2 weeks ago

Vicki Freed

Last week, I joined our leadership team onboard Enchantment of the Seas to taste our new room service offerings. As you know, we strive for continuous improvement and to adjust our product based on yours and your client’s valuable feedback. What do you think the #1 room service item is? To give you a clue, I included a few photos! ... See MoreSee Less


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Thank you all for your great guesses! The answer is Fried Chicken Wings!! Thank you all -Vicki

I'm more concerned that Room Service is no longer complimentary. This is and was a BIG deal to a lot of our cruise clients. On their cruises may be the only time in their lives that they feel that they can indulge in this very special treatment. PLEASE make Room Service complimentary again, and don't come off looking like you are penny pinching at the expense of customer experience.

You’re charging for room service?! Is that REALLY necessary? Really? Not another cruise line out there (that I’ve cruised on) who does this!

Hope this service is complimentary. Royal burger and fries.

#1 Room Service Chocolate Chip Cookies

my kids order cookies like crazy

I would personally love to have a greek salad or cobb salad that looks like that delivered to my room. But not for $7.95. I just don't eat that much and am unwilling to spend $7.95 for a salad in my room. Most people are unhappy with the up-charge and are voicing their disappointment on social media.

Chocolate cake. Please bring back complimentary room service....

Are they changing the menu again? I didn't like much on the new one they came out with a couple years ago.

I ordered room service on Brilliance this weekend. I loved it!

like all restaurants when the chef comes up with something new what the boss gets and what the customer gets is two different things .I have always have enjoyed room service.

Royal Burger.....

It all looks amazing! I would say the burger or chocolate cake is #1💁👍😳

We had room service on Brilliance last month, no complaints. 😊

Wings and chocolate cake sound like the perfect combo😊

I think the # one item is PB&J and chocolate cake Vicki Freed.

🍔 or wings.

Looks great! Please change the items in Gifts and Gear next!

Chocolate chip cookies and milk

Grilled cheese and chocolate cake

Yummmmm I want your job Vicki Freed!!

Will be on Enchantment on 16 Apr.

PBnJ and chocolate cake. 🙂

Fruit, salads, coffee

Let them eat cake

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