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Senior Vice President
Sales & Trade Support and Service
Royal Caribbean International

Vicki Freed began her career in cruise sales in southern California. Now she oversees the largest sales team in the cruise industry and is known throughout the industry as a vocal supporter of Travel Agent Partners. Vicki’s way of business has always been a highly personalized one – focusing on building genuine relationships. What Vicki cherishes the most about what she does has been the same since day one. If you ask Vicki, she will tell you that Travel agents have been a big part of her career, and she still feels just as privileged to serve a group that is so passionate about what they do.


“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

– Maya Angelou

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6 days ago

Vicki Freed

We have a special #TBT - Check out this boarding pass we used from over 30 years ago! What are your first memories with Royal Caribbean? Would love to hear! ... See MoreSee Less

We have a special #TBT - Check out this boarding pass we used from over 30 years ago! What are your first memories with Royal Caribbean? Would love to hear!

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My first cruise ever was in 1981 for my 16th birthday on the Song of Norway to the Eastern Caribbean. Back then, the Viking Crown Lounge was literally attached to the back of the funnel and the only was to get to the lounge was up an outside staircase. It was the coolest lounge. I've been on every class of Royal Caribbean ship since but you always keep a special love for your first ship.

About 23 years ago my fiancé (now husband) wanted to take a cruise but never having been on a ship I was nervous. He said we could go for 3 nights and if I didn't like it we'd be off in a day or two so I agreed. That ship was the Sovereign of the Seas and she seemed so big and offered so many wonderful activities that, of course, I fell in love with cruising. All these years later, I've been on 40+ cruises, am a Diamond member and I've owned my travel agency for 15 years! Thank you Royal Caribbean and Vicki Freed for many years of great cruises and experiences!

My honeymoon! My first cruise and it started my love of cruising. October 1996 aboard Monarch of the Seas from San Juan to the southern Caribbean. Thanks to Facebook I'm still in touch with 2 couples from our dinner table! We all share an anniversary. Our bartender was Doyle, we had a separate wine steward named Everett and our waiter was Saed. We still remember them fondly because they were so personable. Still have the shot glass!

My first ever cruise, June 2010 on Majesty of the Seas, to Key West, Nassau and Coco. Not too long ago...but it set off a LOVE of cruising that led me to move to another state and change my career trajectory, to become a travel agency owner/operator.

When each of my daughters turned 8 years old I individually took them on the short West Coast sailings that RCCL offered to make sure they liked cruising. The first experience with my first daughter was her telling me she would not do the kids programs and I said that was fine since we were on a mother/daughter trip. Fast forward, we went to the kids orientation and she asked If she could stay and I said of course :) Well I never really saw much of her the whole weekend because she loved the programs and met so many kids. That was my mother/daughter as a mom, I was so happy that my daughter was enjoying herself. She is 30 years old tomorrow and still cruising!

My first cruise was on Sovereign of the Seas, 1992. We were on our honeymoon and I will never forget the amazing time we had. The ship was spectacular and I was in awe of everything. I met Petula Clark, one of my all-time favourite singers and thoroughly enjoyed her performance. Now, over 60 cruises later, I can truly say Thank You to RCCL for giving me the trip that set afloat a lifetime of wonderful memories. 😊Looking forward to cruising on Symphony. Thanks V!

My very first cruise was on the Song of America in 1983 and then honeymooned on it later in 1993 to Bermuda. A special ship! That was back in the day when there were no tv's in the cabin or you didn;t even have casino's onboard. It was a big deal when you added the tv's and casinos and when ALL the bed converted too. On Song of America only certain categories cabins the beds converted. How things have changed!

My first RCCL cruise was on Empress of the Seas June 1993. I remember walking on the ship directly into the centrum, looking up and being blown away at how beautiful it was and it seemed huge. The only complaint when we got off was that it was too short. I have been hooked ever since.

My 1st Royal sailing was a cruise to Key West and the Bahamas when I was 17. Our waiter's name was Berk Baresh(?sp?) From Turkey! He's always been my favorite waiter and haven't had another waiter who was so amazing, resilient and energetic! 23 years and still remember him and his pride for his country. Just amazing.

I remember all soft drinks were included. That was nice! I also remember how tiny the Viking Serenade was and how rough it was in bad weather. We spent dinner catching our silverware and wine glasses as they slid off the table!

Song of America! My very first cruise ever. We sailed from Long Beach down the coast to PVR. It was June 1992. Your first cruise is always your best cruise. I am now about to take my 39th cruise, many of these have been Royal Caribbean because of that first experience on Song of America.

1992 on Majesty of the Seas , had a beautiful Cruise and loved the Champagne Caviar bar ( when it was at that time a very good caviar !!) Pictures with the captain, and also we got a list of all the names and citizenships of all passengers .. still have it !

One of the first cruises we took was in 1983 on Song of America. We were escorting a group from our agency. Can you imagine a "passenger list" from today's ships?

Wow light years ahead of Carnival at the time which had hand written boarding passes. Wow even the table number was on the boarding pass which means it was pre-assigned. Quite impressive for 1985.

Song of Norway invitational event. 69 or 70 in the autumn.Think my reps name was Joe Catell or something like that..Oh the handsome officers!! lol.

I am going July 2nd on the Oasis of the Seas to make some new memories. It Will be the first with Royal Caribbean so I hope to see what Royal is all about.

25 years ago on the Monarch of the Seas 13th Voyage from San Juan. I still have the passenger manifest and shore excursion pamphlet. Fast forward to Jewel of the Seas in Feb 2017 and we met the beverage manager on the ship in the concierge lounge and told him we were celebrating our 25th and our first was on the Monarch. Turns out he was the somalier on the cruise in 1992.

Not sure of the date 1999 Viking Serenade sailing out of San Pedro! Great times with friends & clients. Now all Diamond 💎 plus clients!

First cruise was 1994 on the Majesty of the Seas, our tickets looks pretty close to what your showing, and it was a 7 night cruise

It all started for me in 1993. Majesty of the Seas, July 26th, 1993 - western Caribbean - for my 13th Birthday. Since then, I have been on 40 cruises, worked for Royal Caribbean when I was in college as Pier Supervisor in Ft. Lauderdale (for Celebrity too)... went shipboard with NCL America as Restaurant Manager on the Pride of Hawai'i (now the Jade) and then the Pride of America; went shipboard with Celebrity on the Summit as Food Manager for a contract. I then ended up working for Carnival as a top PVP; and now - I own my own Travel Company! 😊🛳🛫

Viking Serenade 4 night ... which IMMEDIATELY led to a 7 night on the Nordic Prince and we have been hooked on cruising since!

Here is my glass cup From Song of American, my first ever cruise...1992

I have a paper boarding pass from the Nordic Empress - now the Empress of the Seas.

I am boarding the Harmony of the Seas tomorrow and in the past the checkin process took only 20 minuted from driving up to the pier to walking on the ship. Fantastic

Sailed on the inaugural sailing of the Sovereign of the Seas and sat at the captains table for dinner.

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1 week ago

Vicki Freed

Get To The ‘Emotional Core’
This week’s tips come from CLIA trainer Shai Boston and her Cruise360 lecture entitled Successful Qualifying. The golden rule in sales is doing 80% listening and just 20% talking. Maximizing that 20% with the proper qualifying questions is key. It’s easy to ask straightforward, close-ended questions, but you’re best served by getting to the client’s “emotional core.” Try asking questions like these: What would your dream vacation be like? Tell me about the most enjoyable trip you’ve ever taken. What do you want from this vacation? And, what can I do more effectively than your last travel agent? Emotion based questions dig deeper into their expectations, reveal more about who they are, and avoid vague responses. Try them out and let me know how they work for you! #TipTuesday
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Thanks for the update.

1 week ago

Vicki Freed

Happy Father's Day to all the incredible dads out there! I hope you're being showered with love and appreciation today. Wishing my amazing husband Gary a very special Father's Day. ... See MoreSee Less

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