We understand that time is of the essence when it comes to tending to your clients. We have made some enhancements to our automation tools to help you avoid longer hold times on the phone.

We have pre-recorded webinars for you on our new automation enhancements. Want to learn more? It’s simple. Click below to attend our training sessions.

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Recorded Webinar
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Future Cruise Credit Tools: 

You can now redeem your clients’ Cruise with Confidence, Global Sailing Suspension, and Non-Refundable Deposit Program Future Cruise Credits instantly. This new method provides you with more visibility into the price and promotions on the booking, and confirmation of the application of certificates. Additionally, you are now able to submit multiple FCCs, should your clients have more than one in their name, as well as share the value of FCCs across multiple clients in the same booking.

FCC Details Added to Booking Confirmation:

Guests and travel partners can view a Booking Confirmation and easily see all FCCs that have been applied to the reservation.  Just below the “Booking Charges” section, a list of redeemed Future Cruise Credit numbers and the amount applied at the guest level is now featured, specific to that particular reservation.  (Appears on both Guest & Trade versions)

Onboard Credit Descriptors:

You and your clients will have greater visibility into the type of OBC applied to reservations as a brief description will accompany each OBC applied to your clients’ bookings. For example, if a client took advantage of our Best Price Guarantee policy offering an OBC within final payment, the new description will now reflect as “Best Price Guarantee Onboard Credit” on the invoice. Provided below is an example of how it will display.

Remaining Balance FCCs:

Enhancements have been made to the existing FCC process where any balance remaining on an FCC no longer has to await the return of the existing cruise vacation before applying the balance to a future/new reservation. That means the same FCC can now be redeemed on 2 active bookings! Once a portion of the FCC is applied to a reservation, the remaining balance FCC will be generated and, in turn, sent to your client for use as they wish. Please note that any FCC with a pending balance from the past few months will now be run through this process, with an anticipated completion date for all by end-of-October.

Refund History in Espresso

Access the booking in Espresso to track the status on both an individual and group booking. We’ve made it easier than ever by creating two new flyers, linked below, to guide you through the process.

Insight Tool Updates:

  • New columns for:
    • “Agency Name”
    • “Group ID” to show the associated Group Shell to the booking
    • “Status” showing the status of the associated certificate (Active, Inactive, Redeemed, Expired)
    • “Issued Date” showing the date the certificate was issued.
    • “Redeemed Date” showing the date the certificate was redeemed