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Welcome to the Royal Caribbean Training hub! With our help, you will be an expert with the most up-to-date knowledge and skills in no time. Learn more and sell more by enrolling in our Royal Caribbean University (RCU) educational platform – where you can register for our live webcasts hosted by the Royal Sales Training Team and special guests and complete easy-to-digest courses and modules.

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Follow the steps below to log into RCU – and start growing your commissions, your business, and your knowledge. A curriculum of adventure awaits!

1. Log in to CruisingPower.com
2. Select Training & Benefits
3. Select Training & Certification
4. Click Royal Caribbean Int’l

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All Star Challenge

In honor of RCU’s 5th birthday , we’re excited to introduce the firstever RCU AllStar Challenge. Throughout 2022, you’ll find unique games and activities to keep you in the know and challenge your Royal Caribbean knowledge. Monthly prizes will be awarded if you’re uptodate with all your challenges. Plus, winning students who have aced the 2021 final exam are eligible to receive an additional reward! Complete all challenges, and you’ll be eligible to win a grand prize at the end of the year! Check the RCU Message Board regularly and tune in to Coffee Talk to stay updated every time a new challenge begins. Good luck!

  • NEW – In honor of RCU’s 5th birthday, we’ve recently launched the second All-Star Challenge. Think you have what it takes? Explore the globe as you learn all about the Ultimate World Cruise in challenge #2!
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NEW RCU Dashboard!

RCU just got a makeover! And we think you’re going to like it. This new, improved dashboard will provide you with an enhanced experience as you take courses and become an expert on everything Royal Caribbean. Highlights of the new dashboard include:

  • Personalization – The new dashboard welcomes you and your agents, and is aligned with YOUR progress, next courses and more
  • Simplicity – you can see clear progress bars that identify how many courses are completed and how many need to be taken
  • Navigation – clicking the courses and accessing your degrees has never been easier

Vicki’s Coffee Talks


We want to help you learn to sell more – with live webcasts hosted by the Royal Sales Training Team, and Coffee Talks hosted by Vicki Freed. Don’t forget to join Vicki for her Coffee Talk on Wednesday’s at 12:00 P.M. EDT. You can register for upcoming webcasts today, or check out the latest to boost your Royal Caribbean knowledge. To view on-demand replays, simply log into RCU and click the “Webcasts” dedicated page.

Training Updates

  • The RCU Tech Training page has been updated!
  • The second All-Star challenge is now live!
  • A new FCC Real-Time Redemption course is now available on RCU. This can be found in the Bachelor Level >> Online Sales Tools.
  • An Ultimate World Cruise course is now available on RCU!
  • Check out the Wonder of the Seas course now available on RCU!

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